Supervisor-subordinate relation

A supervisor-subordinate relationship can become stronger in four stages.

The first stage is fulfilling of physical needs. Eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, relaxing etc. may be considered under this need. Imagine if your boss doesn't allow you to relax in between your work. Or say doesn't allow you to have your lunch on time. Worse, keeps you awake the whole night by giving you a 62 page presentation to complete!!!

The second stage is mental satisfaction, peace of mind. Say for eg. the supervisor speaks only about targets and results throughout the day. Asking for reasons for not fulfilling target and asking to do more if you are on track. Doing this every hour. Not giving any opportunity to think about anything else. The stress becomes so high that you don't even talk properly to people in your personal sphere, not even your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/children!!! Will you ever be satisfied if you know that even if you go home, that will only be physical; mentally you will be still in office. The interesting thing here is all this pressure is unnecessary and doesn't improve results. On the contrary if you can go home happily and work from home only under necessity; I'm sure it's going to give you mental boost. You'll return to office next morning with full enthusiasm.

The third stage is emotional satisfaction. The need here is to respond emotionally. Keeping on encouraging in spite of the mistakes you do. Say, you commit a small mistake in your work and your supervisor shouts at you like anything. Is that going to help in any way? On the other hand what if he says, " Son, it's ok. You did a good job man. I've seen people doing worse. In fact, I was expecting more mistakes!!!" What do you think your motivation level will be?

The fourth and final need is of soul. It's the stage where a superior-subordinate share thoughts, talks, feelings etc. of matters not related to business. Talking about son's marriage, mother's ill health; Discussing which colour to use to paint the house etc. Being family friends. Feeling bad to find your boss getting into trouble for mistake that you committed. Putting you best effort to ensure that nobody points a finger at your Boss. Feeling each other's pain.

Fulfilling of all the above leads to a perfect bond.

This is the first lesson I learnt from my supervisor, Mr. Krishnanandan Kumar. This is not a funda for speeches and seminars, it's a practice in his life. MBA schools didn't teach him this. This is what experience is. KN (Nick name) sir has been working with Telcon since last 12 years and presently looking after the business of Telcon in Bihar.

Update: Tecon is now known as Tata Hitachi.