Trip to UrbanFarmers (RSM MBA Experience)

There are several things that makes the RSM MBA experience worthwhile. The course in sustainability is probably one of the key factors that will determine whether RSM can fulfill its mission to bring positive change. The special focus on shaping the mindset of the future leaders, to include sustainability in the objectives of decision making, is the requirement of time. My personal belief is, we are running late. Nonetheless, its better late than never. And we are witnessing the change. The new wave of leaders and leadership has been making enormous effort towards a positive change. This is the hope. The silver lining.

During our course of sustainability, we had the opportunity to witness one such effort. Trip to UrbanFarmers probably had the most positive impact on most of us (our class). It stood as the monument that was smiling at the 'would be' leaders of business; conveying the message that yes, positive impact is possible through business; in fact, within the efforts of positive change lies a huge potential for business.

UrbanFarmers started with growing vegetables on rooftops. Thus, making an effort to reduce the transit time (also effort, cost and carbon footprint) of food from source to table. Moreover, it reduced the requirement of agricultural land and increased the utility of space (land). Additionally, utilizing a symbiotic relationship of plants and fish (through aquaponics), it increased the utility of water and started producing fish! More about this can be found in their website.

We enjoyed the trip a lot. Sharing some photographs, as usual!