How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation

My original birth certificate was retained by the school during my admission in class I. It was a rule in Govt. schools during those times. The rule has now been modified though. Later on, the matriculation certificate has served as an authentic proof of age (Date of Birth). PAN card, passport and adhar card issuing authorities consider matriculation certificate as an authentic proof of age. Recently, due to certain work, I had to arrange my birth certificate for some special purpose. Unfortunately, any other document is incapable to serve the purpose. A recently issued birth certificate is not only the proof of age, but also a proof of identity (Probably one of the best). I believe many people like me are/will be in need of such certificate. Hence, I am writing this article hoping that it will make life easier for many.

Documents Required

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Discharge slip of hospital
  • Affidavit of various kind on conditional basis.

Adhar card, voter icard, passport serve the purpose of the first two documents. Discharge slip is compulsory. Without which, a report of police is required saying that the slip has been lost/stolen. Affidavit may or may not be required, depending on the availability of other documents. Affidavit is required in case, change of name (Of parents as well) is requested and the name differs from one written on the discharge slip. Many of us have our certificates issued without our name in it. We obviously want to include our name. Including name of the child does not require any affidavit. Discharge slip, along with any other document validating identity and showing parent's name is enough.

The process

I'm attaching a flow chart for ease. For a first time goer, it can be a difficult experience. In my case, I got drenched in rain and had to keep standing for about 5 hours before I could manage to get the certificate. Nonetheless, the process is much smoother than what it used to be. Arranging a birth certificate after more than a year from the birth of the child was beyond common man's imagination. I have heard that the process has become online in many states. There is still sometime for that to happen in Kolkata, I believe. More details can be obtained from the website of KMC and the helpline mentioned. It has a link to check whether a data exists in their database.